Why testing is necessary?What is the importance of testing in IT industry?

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A.Abdul Jaleel

  • Aug 18th, 2007

Testing is necessary because the existence of faults in software is envitable

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  • Aug 12th, 2010

The software testing is as important as the development. You will not able to maintain the product quality untill unless you have applied proper testing and quality measures.
If you go through the software evaluation history you will come to know a small bug has cost a million doller losses even some time it endanger many lifes.

Any program or software is written by human and humn are bound to make mistaked.However we can overcome this limitation with the proper planining and testing.Testing help us to identify the root cause of the error it also help to prevent errors. Also it help to find the defect and bugs before the time i.e before the system get in to the production or before it get live.

Testing provide us many process and control procedure to control the bugs like if bugs are found then by duing the root cause anlysis we can minimise the cause of it. There are certain matrix which help you to identify and alert you if bugs are going beyond control so that you can take apropriate action e.g. CAR process.

Software testing helps in maintaing the quality of the product and help to minimise the bugs.

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  • Oct 22nd, 2012

testing is necessary, because software is likely to have faults, to learn about the reliability of the software before its being used by the customers.

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