You are a team member of a 5 group team. Your best friend is your team leader. You are provided with a project and you should submit in 30 days. Every alternate day after the project is started Your team leader goes to client and comes up with the changes to be made. 10 days completed and there is no progress in the project. How do you handle this situation and tell your friend ie., the team leader?

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  • Jul 11th, 2007

Use my friendship relations to politely tell and take my project leader into confidence about the way the project is going ahead. Sit, discuss with him and clearly re-draw the road map on how to proceed further. If the project has genuine hurdles (not anticipated) and going ahead will incur losses more than what has been spent so far, take a decision to abandon.

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  • Jun 19th, 2009

First I will suggest my friend to gather all requirement from client if you are not getting the requirement entirely we are also ready to come with you. Now prepare the scope and design now lets start working we have vary less day if we start working from today itself then we will complete our project before time otherwise we have to suffer in last. 

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