What is the difference between checktable and search help

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M.Madhusudan Rao

  • May 9th, 2007

There is a lot of difference between searchhelp and check table.  Check table is a master table.   Like T000 for client, t001w for company codes, tcurc for currency.  When we write code like 'PARAMETER V_WERKS LIKE MARC-WERKS OBLIGATORY VALUE CHECK' the value we entered will be cross checked with the table T001W for existence.  But Search help is some thing which pops-up when we press F4.  It shows a list of values of available for that field from a particular table. There is no checking scenario in search help.  While developing a ztable for example assume that u have a currecy field.  Then u need  to establish a foreign key with a currency key field in TCURC etc.  Hope this explanation has given you some clarity regarding difference between check table and search help.

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