What are various advantages and disadvantages for uploading test cases from excel sheet to Quality Center to that of just creating test cases in QC ?

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Advantages of Creating Test Cases in Excel than in QC.

Creating Test Cases in Excel Sheet will be faster than doing it in QC. as excel is more user friendly the QC Design step tab. Copy and past of steps will be easier. Step numbers will be easy to modify in Excel than in QC.


You will need to upload them to QC this process may some time delay (due to unexpected errors, improper download/install of excel addin, improper mapping of columns in excel with QC)

QC provides linkage (Calls) to other tests and make sures you execute the other test before/after/between your execution of currect test.

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  • Dec 5th, 2008

Practically if you have both option then it is always better to go and write test cases directly in Quality center  or TD.

1. Test script completion and tracking easy
2. No duplicate effects
3. Offers all spreadsheet facilities
4. Modularization
5. Saving the time by sharing the other team members test scripts
6. No lost of work
7. You can attach, link and assign the scripts in one go.
9. Good workflow management(eg. Test script review and review comments capture till ready state)
10. authentication

I'm strongly suggest, write test scripts directly in TD.

Only exception is when you have already created scripts(large number of scripts) in spreadsheet then go for importing the scripts.

MQC is test management tool, exl is not test management so there are none disadvantages.

1. if you feel TD server possible to go down now and then, go for test script writing in exls.

G M Mohana Reddy

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