What is the difference between conversion and interface

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  • Sep 24th, 2007

Conversion is the one time process and interface is periodical process...

To say simply, the data of existing customers is loaded from one ERP to another ERP is called Conversion....And  the transactions against the customers will be loaded daily or weekly or monthly is called interface.

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There is very major difference b/w conversion & interface.
data conversion is receiveing data from a legacy syatem ,validating it &  converting to our targat module using the import program.

Interface is used to transfer data from legacy system to oracle system.

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  • Oct 3rd, 2013

A simple example would help I guess,

Suppose we have a mainframe system which is having / holding all the data of a company and there is a website which feeds data into the mainframe system (WWW.IRCTC.CO.IN)

Now Our Indian Railways has decided to use Oracle, now starts the game

Conversion - They have to first extract all the data which is lying in mainframe database into Oracle Apps, so that process is called conversion

Interface - Our very own website WWW.IRCTC.CO.IN which was earlier feeding data into the mainframe system has to now feed into Oracle, so certain technical and functional work has to be done, so that from now on the data is fed into Oracle and not mainframe, this work is called interface.

Hope it helps friends :)

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