What is the use of sleep() function?

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Gopi K

  • Jun 21st, 2007

Sleep() suspends execution for an interval

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The sleep() function will cause the calling thread to be suspended from execution until either the number of real-time seconds specified by the argument seconds has elapsed or a signal is delivered to the calling thread and its action is to invoke a signal-catching function or to terminate the process. The suspension time may be longer than requested due to the scheduling of other activity by the system. 

Sleep function can be used in the below scenario:

1) Suppose you want to write the unix shell script which will keep on checking the arrival of a file in a particular directory in specified time, say every 10 minutes, so here we can use sleep. The sleep 1000 can be use in the indefinite loop and which will keep on checking the directory where file will arrive (through FTP), and go on sleep after every 10 minutes after checking this directory.

It will save the CPU time.

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