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What is difference between % ROWTYPE and TYPE RECORD ?

 %  ROWTYPE  is to be used whenever query returns a entire row of a table or view. TYPE  rec  RECORD is to be used whenever query returns columns of differenttable or views and variables.      E.g.  TYPE  r_emp is RECORD (eno emp.empno% type,ename emp ename %type);     e_rec emp% ROWTYPE     cursor c1 is select empno,deptno from emp;     e_rec c1 %ROWTYPE.
Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Sep 9th, 2004
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Answered On : Sep 20th, 2005

basically the %rowtype is used in case of fetching the values of the cursor irrespective of how many columns in it and also the data types associated with the tables column.for eg.declarecursor c_example is select * from emp;v_emp emp%rowtype;beginfor v_emp in c_example loop  statements ......end loop;end;the type record is a object oriented concept related to pl/sql tables, tables with datastructure format etc.create type ty_name is record ( a number,                                            b varchar2(10));this type stores data in a record fashion with 2 columns.

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Answered On : Apr 18th, 2008

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%rowtype is an attribute to inherit datatypes of attributes of a table into a RECORD variable. Type record is a keyword to create record type using either explicitly specifying atrributes or by implecitly inheriting attributes from a table or a existing cursor.

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Answered On : May 5th, 2008

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TYPE RECORD is a composite datatype. It consits of multiple pieces of information, called fields. TYPE RECORD fields can be defined by the user. Eg:DECLARE   TYPE extra_book_info_t       IS RECORD (      title books.title%TYPE,      is_bestseller BOOLEAN   );   first_book extra_book_info_t;here, 'title' is the data type defined in books table. We can declare a RECORD based on this type.Where as %ROWTYPE is a direct link to the data type of the table.columns, EG:DECLARE   bestseller books%ROWTYPE;The advantage of TYPE RECORDS is you can pass these to Functions or Procedures which can reduce the parameter size or a repitative work.Hope this give a better explanation.

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%ROWTYPE is used when you need to work with complete record.TYPE RECORD is used to create your own data type with specificed number of values to hold.Suppose If a table has 20 columns and you need to work with only seven columns . If I use %ROWTYPE, I get all 20 values unnecessarily. At the same time, my program will be bit clumsy if I use seven %TYPE declarations. A better way to solve this solution is by defining my own data type, which can hold seven values.

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Answered On : Nov 1st, 2011

There is no need to declare v_emp as we are using for loop....

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This %rowtype is used declare record type

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Answered On : Jan 23rd, 2013

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%rowtype:- %rowtype means it is will fetch entire row values.

Type record: Type record means we can fetch record from more than one table.

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Answered On : Apr 15th, 2013

Row type is used to hold the total row values

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Answered On : Sep 19th, 2013

%ROWTYPE can be used to declare a record of all columns in a table. They are the same.

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Ram Seshadri

Answered On : Sep 20th, 2013

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%rowtype holds all the rows of a table while you are fetching the rows using a cursor where as the type_rec object can hold the specific columns based on whatever the columns are defined in the type_record variable.

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