How to connect Access Database of another PC by network without using DSN, by using Coding.

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  • Nov 1st, 2007

It is quite tipical to connect to MS Access without DSN,

I prefer to create a server application like i.e. ActiveX ( EXE/DLL ).
which contains all the connection information also methods to execute SQL commands and to retrieve and update data. 

I know it is a lot tedious.... but this is the only way to connect.

Create Main client Application and call the server object by the function

<Local Var> = CreateObject ( <Object name>,[<Server>] )

and you will be able to connect to server.

=-=-=-=-=Very Simple Function=-=-=-=-=
The most simple thing is create a function which will accept the SQL command and will return the Record set.

Do contact me for anyother information.

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  • Jan 23rd, 2015

Keep Access .mdb/accdb file at shared network location and use below DSN less connectionstring to connect.
Data Source=\serversharefoldermyAccessFile.accdb;

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