What are the vital features of Sybase?

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  • Jul 21st, 2007

Sybase ASE 15.0.2:  
                                Automatically find the procedures which is running slow,
                                Fast BCP ( Even though the table has index)
                                Xmltable() Extracts data from xml to SQL Automatically

Sybase ASE 15.0:   Semantic Partioning,

                               Completely new Query Optimizer
                               Encrypted Column (From ASE 12.5.4)
                               Function Based Index
                               Materialized/UnMaterialized Colum
                               Java/XML in Sybase ( From ASE 12.5) 
                               Top N Functionality (From ASE 12.5.3)
                               Consume and Produce Web Service ( From 12.5.3)
                               Dumping and Loading Database across different endian    architectur e  (From ASE 12.5.3)


If you are already a sybase user there are lots of Modification in Sybase. Sybase will fly now, i can prove it

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  • Dec 3rd, 2007

Absolutely there are numerous features but most important are as follows

1. Manages User Connection
2. Enforces Business Rules
3. Provide Recovery and BackUps
4. Understand T-SQL
5. Optimize Query Execution
6. Maintain Databases with NO Redundancy
7. Supports Data and Referential Integrity

many more....

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