What are the advantages and disadvantages of DBMS-SQL

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we use package DBMS_SQL to execute SQL statements dynamically, but wewant better performance, something easier to use, or functionality thatDBMS_SQL lacks such as support for objects and collections.

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    it needs good skilled administrator. (disadvantage)

      This is a large database. we can use efficiently to store and retrieval of data.

              This is much security. (advantage)

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Speed: MySQL is fast. The developers contend that MySQL is about the fastest database you can get. You can investigate this claim by visiting performance-comparison page on the MySQL Web site.

Ease of use: MySQL is a high-performance but relatively simple database system and is much less complex to set up and administer than larger systems.

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  • Jun 22nd, 2008

Disadvantage :
1) Executing DDL statements through dbms_sql sometime can result in deadlock. example : we are trying to drop one object at the time it is being accessed by other user.

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