What is a Schema ?

 The set of objects owned by user account is called the schema.

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  • Jan 9th, 2006

Three type of schema.....


Star schema

A single fact table with N number of Dimension


Snowflake schema

Any dimensions with extended dimensions are know as snowflake schema


Multiple Star (galaxy)

If the schema has more than one fact table then the schema is said to be Multiple star




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A schema is a collection of components and database objects under the control of a given database user. Each Oracle Portal application maps to an Oracle database schema. The schema stores the components owned by the application. In addition, the schema can store the database objects on which the components are based.

You can map an application to schemas currently in the Oracle database where Oracle Portal is installed. When you create the schema, you must select the Application Schema check box to designate that applications can be built in the schema.


  • Jun 20th, 2012

Schema is a set of objects own by a Particular user..

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