The Relational model has _____ components?

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Mohd Imran

  • Mar 26th, 2007

Relational model consists of three components:

  1. A SET OF RULES for maintaining the INTEGRITY of the database.
  2. MANIPULATIVE component consisting of a set of high-level operations which act upon and produce whole tables.
  3. A Structural component -- a set of TABLES (also called RELATIONS).

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The Relational model contains 3 components 1)set of relations and set of domains ( data structure).
2)Integrity rules (data integrity) and
3)The operation that can be operate on the data (data manipulation).

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  • Nov 20th, 2016

Three Components:
1. Data Structure (Data organization in the form of table with row and table)
2. Data Manipulation (Operation perform(using SQL) on data stored in relation)
3. Data Integrity (Maintain data stored in relation for long time)

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