I wanted to know how to move backwards while scanning recods in a cursor when meeting with a perticular condition.For example, if after scanning 50th record of a recorset, I have to make some updates in 25th record. How to go about it?

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  • Feb 18th, 2007

Cursors are forward only, as such you can't go back.

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Shiril Kumar Dubey

  • Mar 21st, 2007

IT can only be possible through the collections.... go through the chapater NO 12 PL/SQL O'reiilly Publications.

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Habib Ali

  • May 10th, 2016

Cursor is bi-directional.... You have to start either from FIRST or LAST record. You can however access nth record directly too, if not required by any logic

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  • Jul 14th, 2016

In cursor we dont have the facility of moving directly to a nth record.
We have to loop through the cursor to reach the nth record but even though after reaching you cant move backward.
Its good to use PL/SQL tables for this kind of situation

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