What is the purpose of calculating knee point voltage for Current transformers?

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s kumar

  • Mar 31st, 2007

The main purpose of calculating the knee point voltage is to identify the core saturation characteristics .This is mainly done on protection CT's

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  • Oct 5th, 2007

After knee point, saturation of the CT occurs. Hence the CT has to work below the knee point. By selecting a CT suitably for operating point below the knee point, proper operation of the protection (like differential, REF where protection class CTs are used) can be ensured.


  • Oct 5th, 2007

The purpose of calculating knee point is to select CT with operating point below knee point as above knee point CT tends to saturate and cause mal operation of protection relay. Knee point calculation is done for CTs usedĀ for differential protection and REF.


  • Oct 3rd, 2009

Purpose of collecting Knee voltage is to use the circuit as an operating or as an metering circuit.

Operating circuit works far below knee voltage.

Metering circuit works at the verge of saturation.

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