What is date tracking, how it is used in HRMS ?

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  • Dec 22nd, 2006


Well date tracking isa feature in Oracle HRMS esp with all tables whose name send with _F  eg:per_all_people_f .Now what happens here is we cannont purge a record what we can do is endate a record and if we need to create an extension eg: of an assignment then we end-date the assignment and on a new record that is appended to the table we create a new record with starting date after the eend date and can restate the assignment, used in cases of Re-hire after end of assignment or in the extension of assignment beyond the end date. It helps Oracle maintain historical data and hence the tables are data trackable.


  • Jan 23rd, 2014

hi all...
date track allows you to maintain a continuous history of the record or information over a period of time.you can use date track history to view a report of every update ever made to a record..whenever you update a record a new record gets created with the updated information and the previous record gets end dated a day before your updation....presence of effective dates in the windows tells that the window is date tracked....in oracle hrms it is used for assignments and information on workers...etc

Mohammed Abdul Arif

  • Sep 18th, 2014

Date tracking is to maintain a continuous history
of the record of information over a period of time.

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