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What is test log?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Nov 23rd, 2006
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 Test log is nothing but the addition of 2 fields namely 'Actual result' and 'Pass/Fail Criteria' to the test case i.e., already populated with test case idtest descriptiontest pre-requestiestest stepsexpected result

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Answered On : Nov 27th, 2006


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Answered On : Jan 18th, 2007

According to my knowledge,   Test Log is a document which consists of information about the test cases.Means whether the test case is Passed or Failed.

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Answered On : Mar 7th, 2007

Testlog is a repository to store passed and failed testcases

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yogesh kumar sharma

Answered On : Dec 26th, 2011

A chronological record of all revelant details about execution of a test.

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Test Log is a record which keeps information regarding which test case passed and which test case failed.
It is updated after every test case is run.

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