Hi How do I call procedures which have ref cursors as parameters and print the elements in the ref cursor in PL/SQL Developer ?I executed the following code in PL/SQL Developer : CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE EMP_PACK ASTYPE EMPCURTYP IS REF CURSOR RETURN EMP%ROWTYPE;PROCEDURE EMP_PROC( EMP_CUR IN OUT EMPCURTYP);END EMP_PACK;CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY EMP_PACK ASPROCEDURE EMP_PROC(EMP_CUR IN OUT EMPCURTYP) ISBEGINOPEN EMP_CUR FOR SELECT * FROM EMP;END EMP_PROC;END EMP_PACK;/When I executed the following command , I got the following statementSQL> variable var refcursor;REFCURSOR not supportedThe same statement is working in SQL*Plus environmentHow is it to be executed in PL/SQL Developer ?


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