Why is testing done? Why does QC perform testing? How if testing diff from Internal Review and peer level revew? When to stop testing?

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Testing is done to confirm that the application works as per customer requirements.....................QC does testing to break the software to make it...............................When reviews are make they are to see whether the application is functioning or not, but testing see whether application is working according to customer requirements or not.

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Testing is done to ensure the software project/product is reasonably bug free and satisfies the requirements specified.QC conducts only inspections and audits to check the work product is as per the quality standards. Common factors in deciding when to stop are... ? Deadlines, e.g. release deadlines, testing deadlines; ? Test cases completed with certain percentage passed; ? Test budget has been depleted; ? Coverage of code, functionality, or requirements reaches a specified point; ? Bug rate falls below a certain level; or ? Beta or alpha testing period ends. with regardsPrasad

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  • Jan 9th, 2007

Testing is done to ensure that the s/w develooped is defect free & as per the requirements specified by te customer. QC is defined as the processes & methods used to compare product quality to requirements & appplicable standards& the action taken when non conformance is detected.So QC focusses on detection & correction of defects before the shipment of actual product.When to stop Testing is a crtiical thing.U can stop testing, atleast entire functionality is covered atleast once,the bug level is at an Acceptable level,to meet the release deadlines or test deadlines.

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  • Feb 12th, 2007

testing is done inorder to provide quality to the product to satisfy customer requirements

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