Difference between TD and BUGZILLA

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  • Nov 28th, 2006

TD is a test management tool(for entire STLC) whearas Bugzilla is only a bug tracking tool.

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  • Dec 5th, 2006

TD Acts as both Test managemant tool and  Bug trackinng tool.As well Bugzilla Acts as Bug tracking only.

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  • Feb 13th, 2007

Test director: It is a test management tools. Here we are writing test cases and generating scripts also. And posting defects. One more advantage is requirements coverage option also is there.

BUGZILLA: It is useful only for tracking defects.

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  • Mar 28th, 2007

Hi Test Director is test mangement tool we can track the complete testing cycle of your project Where as bugzilla is only the defect tracking tool.

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