How to identify the Ascii , Ebcdic formats !how to write the DMl for same ..please explain ..

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Vishal Aggarwal

  • Nov 30th, 2006

You can type 'ebcdic' or 'ascii' in dml just before "record" ... and dml will define the data accordingly.

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Ascii vs. Ebcdic

When you view  your data does it have different charaters inbetween that do not look ASCII?  If so, then in your record format type the following:

ebcdic record

record details add them


view your data again. Be sure to check for '/A0'  this is an ebcidc character which means endline. 

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For ASCII formats write the DML as below.

cust_id decimal(8)...

For EBCIDIC formats write the DML as below.

ebcidic cust_id decimal(8)...

The delimiters varies in each and every ebcidic formats send from source files.  But Its generally hexadecimal embedded.

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