Definition of datamarts?

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  • Nov 15th, 2006

DataMart is the subset of datawarehouse. you can also consider datamart holds the data of one subject area. For an example, you consider an organization that has HR, Finance, Communications and CorporateService divisions. For each division you can create a datamart. the historical data will be stored into datamarts first and then exported to datawarehouse finally.


  • Jan 29th, 2007

Datamarts are the partitions of the overall datawarehouse. Datwarehouse covers as every aspect of the company's business, then datamart is a subset of that huge datawarehouse.Datawarehouse is limited to the resource constraints and priorities of the MIS organization. But, the task of the implementing Datwarehouse needs big effort and takes significant amount of time. It Impacts on return on investment.So, the feasible option is to start a set of datamarts for each of the component departments.Simply, we can say a set of small, more managable databases are called datamarts.2 types of datamarts are there.1. Standalone datamarts: It enables a department or workgroup to implement a datamart with minimal or no impact on the Enterprise's operational database.2. Dependant datamarts: Enterprise database is required for these marts. Datasources includes operational databases and external sources of data.

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  • Feb 1st, 2007

Data marts are subset of data warehouse. It is the Repository of data designed to answer specific questions to a specific set of users. It is also subject oriented, and an organization can have multiple data marts. It is also used for specific reporting and analysis.

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  • May 25th, 2007

Data Mart is subset of dataware house deal with single area of data and is organized by quick analysis.

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A data mart is a group of subjects that are organized in a way that allows them to assist departments in making specific decisions. For example, the advertising department will have its owndata mart, while the finance department will have a data mart that is separate from it. In addition to this, each department will have full ownership of the software, hardware, and other components that make up their data mart.

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