What is the main differences between CTS , CLS

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  • Nov 19th, 2006

Hi,CTS And CLS are the major components through which the interoperability is acheived in .Net Framework. CLS ( Common Language Specification) specifies some set of rules for all the .Net Compilers. In this process it makes use of CTS(Common Type System) which is a subset OF CLS.CTS consists of types ( both Value-Type And Referrence Types). To make clear about the use of CTS: If we are declaring a INTEGER Type in VB.NetDim I As Integer If we are declaring the same INTEGER Type in C#.Netint i;both of these are converted to the form i as int32 so, irrespective of the language written in they are convereted to Intermediate Language which CLR can read and understand.

CTS-Common Type System

In order to communicate between two language,CLR  has CTC,for example In C# it can an "Int" and in VB it "LONG",so interfacing betwwen is a difficult task,so in dot net c# it is int and in VB it is System.ToInt32 ,it is a Datatype of CTS.

CLS-Common Language Specification

It is a set rule for Compiler writer to that all Dot net Language should follow that rules.


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  • Jun 1st, 2009

CTS is the specification of the types which are with .net defined in the plateform and not anymore langage dependant (since .net is language agnostic).

CLS is the published description of what should be done and followed for anyone whishing to design a .net compatible language .

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