What are the software testing deliverables by a software testing company to their client for their inhouse developed modules? any specific format for white box manual testing?

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Ramanna K N

  • Nov 17th, 2006

Hi Jainbrijesh,

is UAT is User Acceptance Testing? my question is big. can u elaborate pl?

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  • Nov 30th, 2006

UAT is User Acceptance Testing. Testing usually done at the clients side. As the name suggests, UAT is done to find out whether the customer approves/accepts the product.The client checks whether the build product meets their original requirements.

In most cases, a UAT is done on a prototype of the product too, so as to avoid confusions once the product is built.



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The Deliverables from the Test team would include the following:


1.      Test Strategy.

2.      Test Plan.

3.      Test Case Documents.

4.      Defect Reports.

5.      Status Reports (Daily/weekly/Monthly).

6.      Test Scripts (if any).

7.      Metric Reports.

8.      Product Sign off Document.


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