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What is meant by ERP?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Nov 1st, 2006
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Answered On : Nov 16th, 2006

Electronic Resource Planning

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Answered On : Nov 20th, 2006

 Hi,ERP Means :- Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is an industry term for integrated, multi-module application software packages that are designed to serve and support multiple business functions.Regards,Vikky  

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Answered On : Dec 20th, 2006

ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning is a concept to intergrate all the resources of an Enterprise and automate different Business and Operational processes.It involves best industry practices.SAP and Oracle Applications are two major softwares which implement this concept.

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Answered On : Dec 22nd, 2006

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning .

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neela manohar

Answered On : Jan 8th, 2007

ERP meansE: Enterprise( any organization with different functionalities.)R: Resources(4m's: Man,Machine,Money,Material)P: Planning (making use of these resources in effective manner to gain profits)

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Answered On : Jan 24th, 2007

ERP is 'Enterprise Resource Planing' that means Planing the resource in an organization(Enterprise) in more efficient mannerRakesh Reddy.C9948275959Aurobindo Pharma Ltd

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Answered On : Jan 31st, 2007

ERP is widely used in IT, ERP refers to ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING, which enables overall functionality of Buisness using Computer Based MIS for Production, Purchasing, Marketing, Accounts & Finance.

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Prashant Sharma

Answered On : Mar 25th, 2007

ERP Stands for  Enterprise Resource Planning . it is a customized s/w whcih is develop as per requirement of organization.

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Answered On : Jul 9th, 2014

ERP is used to maintain organization requirement like purchasing,sales,inventory,ap,ar,fa etc.,
ERP is best way to planning our business requirement.

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