What is differnce between functional and non functional testing?

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  • Oct 27th, 2006

 Functional testing is conducted to check the functional requirements in the AUT are satisfied or not

Non Functional testing is conducted for the external environments of the application like performance,load etc.,

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Functional testinf means checking the functionality or behaviour of the sftware

non functional testing means not considering the functionality of the code

here we are checking the Quality atributes like performance,usability

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  • Nov 27th, 2006

Functional Testing: testing the features related to the application under test

Non- functional testing: deals with external factors like memory leaks, threads, cpu utilization etc

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  • Nov 12th, 2008

                     Functional testing means we do functional testing to validate the functionality of the application against functional requirements document.we test for functionality of the application only. 

                     Non-functional testing means we do not test for functionality of the application System testing, load testing, stress testing, performance testing etc come under non functional testing.

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  • Nov 14th, 2008

Functional testing : Testing the behaviour of the apllication , Here testing is done based on the external behaviour of the application , Internal code is not mattered.
Ex : Suppose if we click a "Submit " button after giving all the details in a relevant page , is it getting saved ? Or is it giving the relevant error message , This is an ex for Functional Tesrting
Non Functional Testing : Testing which is related to performance & internal coding comes under Non Functional testing

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  • Jul 13th, 2009


To verify requirements, specifications, rules, objectives, algorithms, etc.

Non-Functional (Operational)
To verify that the system will work in production and will provide consistent and predictable level of service. It includes measuring resource utilization, performing high volume stress tests, testing system break points and testing performance bottlenecks.

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