What is the seviority if we will give the duplicate account number?

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Sriharsha Thotakura

  • Oct 26th, 2006

It is a High seviority bug.

If two persons having the same a/c no will cause data inconsistency.

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  • Oct 30th, 2006


We give the SEVERITY as "HIGH".

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sudhir deshmukh

  • Nov 3rd, 2006

It will come under high severity and high priority.but the account number should be the primary key here or composite key if any one is facing this type of problem please use account number as primary key or any other key to reduce inconsistancy.

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  • Nov 24th, 2006

Its High severity and High priority Bug.

These issues are mainly from the database side. Primary Keys must be used to avoid duplications in such issues

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  • Dec 23rd, 2006

Hi,Duplicate A/C NO. is VERY PROBLEMATIC ISSUES due to that reason we can give for that "Seviority is FATAL and Priority is HIGH" How much seriousness of the Bug is "SEVIORITY" and How much importance to solve that problem is "PRIORITY" regards,Nagaraju.Keta9989818605(Corporate Trainer)

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  • Oct 31st, 2011

QA never sets severity. Severity and priority are set during defect review AKA triage meeting. BA, devs and QA team sit down and decide the severity. If this is an interview question you can still say the above fact and add to it: high severity.

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