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What is Validation and Verification Testing?
Which test is followed for Validation and for Verification?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Oct 23rd, 2006
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this is also called IV&V(Independent Verification & Validation)This is the role of tester.Verification  techniques  :walkthrough,inspection,reviewvalidation                     :Different types of testing like                                       functional,input,regression ..etc

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Answered On : Nov 1st, 2006

Verification: Involves reviews and meeting to evaluate documents, plan, code, requirements, specifications. This can be done with check lists, issue lists, walk throughs, inspection meetings, reviewsValidation: Involved actual testing. This can be done after the verification is completed

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Answered On : Nov 6th, 2006

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Verificaion is process evaluating a component or system to determine whether the products of given development stage satisfying the conditions imposed at the start of the phaseValidation is Correctness of a component or system with respect to user requirementsin v-model right side verification left side validation

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Validation is done accoeding to customer requirement.Its ;what actually a testing is.Dynamic testing.....................Verification is according to standards and guidelines.It's a process.Done Statically.

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praveen kumar

Answered On : Dec 5th, 2006

Hi,verifcation:It is nothing but to test wheather the system is right r notvalidationg:it is extention of validation that is system is right r not w.r.t to customer requirement r not

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Answered On : Dec 11th, 2006

Verification Testing: It is the set of activities which ensures that the software correctly impliments a specific function.Validation Testing: It is the different set of activities which ensures that the software that has been built is tracable to the client requirements.Verification is mostly done by the developer, and all white box testing techniques can be used for verification testing.Validation Testing is the responsibility of the tester, and all the tests done in block box testing will be treated as validation tests. 

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Answered On : Dec 16th, 2006

Hi this is Susheel.I want share some idea about the Verification And the Validation.If u know the V model,In that model,which is comprises of the Veification & Validation model.In which there r some phases like Requirment Review,Special review for Functional Design Specification,Design review,Code review all comes under the verification.And the Unit Testing,integration testing,system testing.Acceptance testing comes under the Validation.Verification is QA process,It is preventions of the defect.It is related to the Process.Validation is QC proess,it is detection of the is related to the product.  

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Answered On : Dec 22nd, 2006

Verification:- These are the activities done before the code is developed.Nothing to be executed on computer.It is a static techniques and includesReviews ----- Informal checkingInspection ------Formal Checking Walkthrough ------Guided CheckingAudit -------Sampled checkingIt is a defect prevention bases.It is a construction techniques.Remember prevention is less costly than detection.If we prevent the defects in the early stages it takes less time and cost that detecting defects.All activities on the left side of V- Model are verification activities.It is also a QA process.Validation : - Real time testing of the finished product.It is a destruction activity .It is a dynamic technique and includesTesting and Prototyping.All activities on the right side of V model are Validation activities.This is done by the Tester as well as developers at Unit Level.Correct me if I am wrong.

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Anand C.Y.

Answered On : Jan 30th, 2007

Validation is nothing but whether we get right product or not.........Varification is nothing but whether we get the product right...........

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This is venkatverification is a process of checking inorder to check whether they are working according to the guidelines are the verification they will give preference for process.validation is a process of checking inorder to check whether they are working acoording toi the requirements are the validation they give preference for the product.

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Answered On : Jan 13th, 2008

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 verification:- is internal application                       Analysis ,design,coading ----this will comes under  white box testing .. Validatinn:- Is an External application                     functional , system testing and monitering document --- this will comes                     under Block Box testing ...

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Verification : Are we building the product right?The process of determining whether or not the given phase of the s/w developement fullfills the requirements established during the previous phase .Example : Reviewing the archietecture doc to check if it meets the SRS . Validation : Are we building the right product ?Its the process of evaluating the s/w at the end of its developement to check if it meets the specified requirement.Example : Testing the unit to check if it meets the low level design specification

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Validation: The process of evaluating software at the end of the software development process to ensure compliance with software requirements. The techniques for validation is testing, inspection and reviewing. Verification: The process of determining whether of not the products of a given phase of the software development cycle meet the implementation steps and can be traced to the incoming objectives established during the previous phase. The techniques for verification are testing, inspection and reviewing.

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Answered On : Nov 24th, 2008

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I don't have the reference right handy to give them credit, but the simplest way I've heard the difference between verification and validation described is this (may be paraphrased):Verification is ensuring you built the product rightValidation is ensuring you built the right productSo in other words, Verification is checking to make sure what you built works the way you intended it to, while validation is checking to make sure what you built properly addresses the problem it was intended to solve (works the way the person it was built for intended it to.)

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Answered On : Nov 25th, 2008

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Verification : Have we built the software right (i.e., does it match the specification?)? It's process based.This includes Reviews , Walkthroughs and InspectionValidation : Have we built the right software (i.e., is this what the customer wants?)? It's product based. This includes the actual testing with the executable code.

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Answered On : Feb 23rd, 2009

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Verification is a quality process that is used to evaluate whether or not a product, service, or system complies with a regulation, or conditions imposed at the start of a development phase. Verification can be in development, scale-up, or production. This is often an internal process.Validation is the process of establishing evidence that provides a high degree of assurance that a product, service, or system accomplishes its intended requirements. This often involves acceptance of fitness for purpose with end users and other product stakeholders.VenenderReddy

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Answered On : Sep 26th, 2011

In verification we just show that is our product is according to standard or not it is a dynamic process

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Answered On : Jan 23rd, 2012

Validation means to find the reliability & life time of the product

Verification means to check the product as per customer requirement.

Validation test:
1) Realability test
2) Endurance test

Verification test:
1) Visual checking as per product drawing
2) Material verfication as per product Drawing
3) Dimensional checking

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Answered On : Jan 27th, 2012

Verification means checking whether the application is according to the customer requirement or not validation is entering the valid data and checking whether the application is according to the customer requirement or not

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Answered On : Jan 30th, 2012

Verification means are we developing a right product or not and also validating does the developed product is right or not.

Verification means white box testing validation testing means black box testing.

Verification testing can be followed by development team and validation testing can be followed by testing team.

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Answered On : Feb 17th, 2012

Verification:- Checking the status of the actual result whether it is same as expected result in every phase.

Validation:- Checking the status of the actual result whether it is same as expected result in the last phase.

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Answered On : Feb 21st, 2012

Validation:are we building product right? Verification: are we building right product? for example if there is a program with addition of two numbers then tester will validate that the program has multiplication or additional operator.In same way verify  the given values and get the expected output or not

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Answered On : Feb 22nd, 2012

Projects aim to deliver software to specification. For the project to deliver what the customer needs requires a correct specification. Additionally, the delivered system must meet the specification. This is known as validation (is this the right specification?) and verification (is the system correct to spec-ification?).

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Answered On : Feb 23rd, 2012

Verifiaction:-conducting reviews on documents like BRS,SRS,HLDS,LLDS......called as Verification Validation:-executeing the test cases and observing whether actual result is equal to expected result called as validation Documents(consists of project requirements and so on... )testing comes under verification Unit testing,Integration Testing,s/w testing,Acceptance Testing,release testing,test s/w changes these tests comes under validation

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Answered On : Mar 2nd, 2012

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Better known as testing and the process includes:

System testing
System Integration testing
Sub System Integration testing.
Unit testing.
Black box testing will be used in the validation testing.


White box testing is used in this case
Sub system integration and the Unit testing belong to this category.

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