My interviewer asked me i want maintain same header and footer in number of pages what is the way to do minimum level of code i use? i said user control he again asked what areall the other ways?

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  • Oct 14th, 2006

u have to use Master Page



  • Oct 14th, 2006

you can do this with user Countrols , make one user countrol and add this pages where u want.

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  • Oct 18th, 2006

use an usercontrols.

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  • Oct 18th, 2006

It can be done by both ways user controls and Master Pages.

Master page is not available in 1.1

Muhammad Anees

  • Oct 30th, 2006


To maintain same header and foor on all pages of a site add user controls. Define header style in header user control and footer logic and interface in footer user control.Then only pick,drag and drop header and footer on your pages.

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  • Nov 8th, 2006

you can mantain the same header and footer throught the application defining that Hedaer and Footer in Global.aspx event session_start and session_end.

Header will be at session_start

Footer will be at session_end.

It will render before excuting any page.

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pradeep reddy

  • Nov 18th, 2006

u can do this with cascaded style sheets(css) very easily

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Chandan Agarwal

  • Nov 22nd, 2006

Yes, u can do it. There are two way.1. If the header & footer is only colour based then use css 2. If it contanis images and data then create User Control

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  • Dec 8th, 2006

Other way is using custom control utility.

Create Header /Footer as UserControls.

define Custom control in class file .Here state location of header control as starting control and Footer as last control in render event.

Now when ever u add new webform in your application inherit the class of webform from the custom control class.Runtime it will take header and footer .No need to drop User controls on each page you add.

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  • Dec 22nd, 2006

by make template of ur application u can easily call each page in template . and in main template u use header and footer once...any Query plz contact

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R.Ravi Kumar

  • Jan 5th, 2007

We can use UserControl or MasterPage

But In .NET framework 1.1 There is no MasterPage Facility ,So we will go through UserControl,and we need to place UserControl in every Page.

But In .NET framework 2.0 MasterPage is Provided,Her we never place any thing in every page,while adding new page we need to select AddMasterpage option,that's it.

Simplly if you are working in Framework version 1.1 then you can use User control but you are working in framework version 2.0 then you can done this task by using Masterpage and UserControl both.

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Rajesh K

  • Feb 14th, 2007

We can use :1) User Controls 2 ) Master Page -- .net2.03) Frames

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  • Mar 12th, 2007

A simple way is just make two files say top.htm and bot.htm
and include this file in all your page using

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vinod khattri

  • Aug 22nd, 2007

If you are using .NET 2.0 then use Master Page and if you are using old version than 2.0 then use User control.

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  • Apr 22nd, 2008

We can do it by master pages or user controls. by using the master pages we can use it in any page in the fixed area. But by using the web user controls we can drag it to any area in a partiular page.

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Shrikant B

  • May 18th, 2016

A) Need to create the user control for both "Footer" and "Header".
B) Need to create the Master page for the website and then derive the aspx pages form this.

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  • Aug 1st, 2017

by using MasterPage

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