Can some one pls give me some test plans and test case for online banking project?

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  • Oct 16th, 2006

The very first thing is go thru the test plan which includes

1) Scope 2) Approach 3) Objective 4) Resource Allocation 5) Deliverables

6)Features to be tested 7) Features not to be tested 8) Risk analysis

To brief about Test Cases :

Try to tell about the module u have done in testing.

For ex: It contains different modules 1) Personnel Information

2) Loan transaction etc.,

To get more info just browse any banking company. u will get nice help.

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  • May 18th, 2012

Defined based on requirements for the release and test plan is prepared.
Take sign off and take agreement of all stakeholders on what to test

Define clear Roles and Responsibilities
Set Communication Protocol
Set Testing Processes - Requirement Management, Change Management, Defect Management, Project Management

- Create Test Strategy
- Create Test Plan
- Create Test Cases
- Identify and Generate Test data for testing
- Raise and Track defects with required Severity and Priority
- Status Reports
- Project closure after expected quality standards are met.

Banking test cases:

Login to the web brower
1. alphanumeric login
2. minimum and maximum number of login
3. logout the page
5. address of the client
etc etc

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