How will request send by http browser from workstation to any website goes through router and come back to workstation and open web page. Explain how packets travel in term of ip protocols. ?

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  • Dec 1st, 2006


first of all your browser request will cross to your network and goes to related url dns and then it resolve the your webaddress name with related ip , during transmission of your url address packet , it have the tag (source and destination address ) when it resolve the packet address then again in tail of that address packet is working as source for your network and back to your network. In this whole process all the protocols are working simentaniously like (HTTP , ARP , RARP ETC.) .


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puneet chawla

  • Nov 4th, 2007

Http sends an request via port 80 to the DNS of the web server (destination)
DNS resolves name to ip and send a response back with Http get inside the header.

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  • Nov 26th, 2008

I think that this question is usually asked for revealing your knowlege about TCP connection. First the reliable TCP connection should be established, which means that three way handshake SYN - SYN ACK - ACK routine has to be done. Only after that the data can flow between server and client

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  • Sep 8th, 2011

HI All,
once a web site is entered in the address bar and enter key pressed the following process happens.
1. The system performs a check on the dns cache to check if there is any entry for the concerned domain name if yes goes to step 3.
2. the system performs a dns query for converting the domain name into ip by sending a query to the DNS server.
3. once a dns response for the query is received the initiates a 3 way handshake with destination ip on port 80 or 443.
4. client sends a sync to server, server sends a sync+ack to client. the client sends a ack to sync from the server.
5. once a 3 way hand shake is completed the browser presents the request to server.
6. based on the received request the server responds with requested file/data.
7. once the transmitting of data is completed the server sends a fin packet, then client sends a fin packet and connection gets terminated.


  • Sep 30th, 2011

dns query is send on port 53 not on port no 80 . at first web browser send dns query with destination address of dns and after resolving the web site address . http get query send by browser using destination as web address and after session created by web server the data exchange will happen

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