What is the difference between Datawarehouse and Datawarehousing

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  • Sep 29th, 2006

Data warehousing encompasses a complete architecture and process, whereas Data warehouse is Data stored in Database in the form of Dimension, Fact Tables, Lookup Tables, Aggregated Fact tables.

Datawarehousing is not just having a single data warehouse . Data warehousing is the transformation of data to information, thereby enabling the business to examine its operations and performance. This task is accomplished by the staging and transformation of data from data sources, enabling the business to access and analyze information. The data stores may be persistent (stored on disk) or transient (using disk or memory). In addition, the workflow usually involves multiple data stores to support the staging and transformation of data into information such as operational data stores, data warehouses, data marts, online analytical processing cubes, files such as a flat file (comma-separated values extract, for example), XML data and even spreadsheets

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  • Dec 30th, 2006

dataware house is a container to  store the historical data

where as dataware hosuning is a process or technique  to analyze tha data in the ware house

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Rahul Kumar

  • Oct 12th, 2011

Hey Opbang
Ur statement "Datawarehousing is not just having a single data warehouse",
with datawarehousing it is understood that business decision can be taken and lots of information and analysis report we can generate .
So Wat is new in your statement, Before stating anything just clarify yourself and put the statement...

Thanks You, waiting for your reply

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  • Jan 25th, 2017

Datawarehouse: Datawarehouse is a container consists of Subject-oriented, Time variant, Non-volatile and Integrated collection of data which is a Historical data.
Datawarehousing: Datawarehousing is a process of Designing of DWH/Database, ETL process(Extraction,Transformation,Loading) and Reporting.

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Dr BK Verma

  • Jul 2nd, 2017

Data Warehouse: It is just container to store the data from different sources. In this part we can't have right to analysis the data its just storage data.

Data warehousing: If we use any intelligent technique like data mining then we have to data warehousing. We are using a process with mining and fetching business or Analise data then we have to say Data warehousing.

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Naveed Akhtar

  • Nov 4th, 2017

"Data Ware House" is a complete repository of historical corporate data extracted from transaction system that is available for ad-hoc access by knowledge workers,
(Complete Repository) Means All data present from all the branches of business,archived data and data from old systems may be brought online.
(Transaction system) It could be Typed sheets.
(Ad-hoc access) Means It does not have certain predefined database access pattern, the queries are not known in advance, difficult to write SQL program in advance.
(Knowledge workers) Decision Makers.
while "Data ware housing" is the process of constructing and using data warehouse.

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