There is 100 requirements,how can u find is there all requirements are covered by your test case?

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Sajin Kokkad

  • Oct 7th, 2006

Another suggestion I can give is to prepare a Requirements traceability matrix.

This is a document for mapping requirements against test cases. ie; One column, you can include requirements, and next column, you can enter the test cases against that requirements. So you better can understand what are the requirements and how many test cases are written/executed against that requirements.

Just search internet with the key 'Requirements traceability matrix'. You can find lot of templates and samples.

Regards, Sajin Kokkad.

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byju philip

  • Oct 18th, 2006

To measure we use traceability matrix. whether all the 100% requirement are covered can be mapped through Traceability matrix.

Mapping  the requirement id from the srs with the testcase in traceablity matrix we can evaluate whether 100% testcase are covered or not.

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