I am working on Infromatica. I want to do Certification in Infromatica designer. Can anybody please suggest me on how to start?

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  • Sep 25th, 2006

Good, you are working in informatica, but you are working with only part of informatica or whole informatica. 

If your job is only related to staging area, developing ETL and running the mapping in workflow manager,  workflow monitor is done by others, Then working with informatica is not enough.

You should know informatica installation on various plateforms, creating repository, configuring temp servers, creating reusable objects, working with parameters, variables, performance tuning of ETL packages, Loading options, Sheduling, Working with Events, Sending email, log analysis etc in network environment.

If you are well verse with all above, good luck...  or please join refresher course on informatica...  where you can be refreshed step by step,  have good book,  practice on other aspects of informatica than your regular work....

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