Hai i want to know the function of advanced engines which is used for aviation.

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  • Feb 5th, 2007

Generally for the aviations Advanced engines with the turbo charger are fixed for the maximum capability

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asif hussain

  • Apr 17th, 2007

The Recently used engines in the aviation industry are predominantly jet engines and turbo engines similar to gas turbines. For Details look Up 'Turbines used in Aeroplanes' and 'Jet Engines'


  • Apr 22nd, 2007

A common SHAFT that run throught the whole engine is pretty much the essense of jet engine. this SHAFT connect a COMPRESSOR (basically a complicated cascade of fan like blade with runner and stator ) in the front and a TURBINE (again a complicated cascade of fan like blade with runner and stator ). With combustion chambers in between the compressor and the turbine.  High temperature and pressure exhaust escape from the combustion chamber and run throught the turbine which drive the turbine as well as the SHAFT to rotate at high speed . The rotating SHAFT in turn drive the COMPRESSOR in the front to suck in air, compress it and send this compressed air into the combustion chamber to mix with fuel and burnt. The exhaust is blast out throught the TURBINE. So basically, as long as fuel is injected into the combustion chamber, the whole system keep rolling. 

The above is for jet engine only,  for modern Turbo Fan engine (e,g, engine for 747), there is a big FAN connected to the SHAFT in front of the COMPRESSOR. This big fan provide thrust stream flow backwards. A big portion of this stream flow outside the jet engine cowling and responsible for the majority of the thrust required. up to 70 to 80 %.


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