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I am trying to record test in QTP on a web-based application and it is not recording the script and the objects are not getting added in the Object Repository. Do I need to change any settings in QTP?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Sep 16th, 2006
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Hi, can you explain more detail. Is QTP recording partially or nothing? And one more thing If some of the objects are not recording means you may trying to open a diferent application like activex, java... And make sure that smart identification enable. If nothing is working properly just go thru Descrptive Programming.If you need any more details just post a query......Thanx, qtptester.

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If you are using Mozilla FireFox as your browser, then it won't work, to record your script you need to open your application in IE, and after recording and adding objects,you can run script in Mozilla.

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Answered On : Sep 23rd, 2006

HiBefore going for recording, Please check the Add-Ins then enable the smart identification.Open the application in IE,because upto QTP v8.2 will not support Mozilla for recording.After recording U can work with Mozilla. OK otherwise just restart the system and record once again.Please giv e me suggestions if am wrong.Thank U

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Answered On : Mar 15th, 2007

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1. Please always start QTP first and then application2. Check everything installed properly.

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Answered On : Oct 26th, 2007

I think settings are not  done properly.check anyone of these are missing.1) maximize browser settings: IE browser >tools>options>content tab>click auto web>clear user names and passwords option.2) close all browsers/windows except QTP .3) set web page/frame options ; In QTP window, menu bar select tools>options>run tab>click page /frame option tab> select second option radio button, check all four check boxes.4) when u click record button make sure the record and run dialog settings box displays with the default application URL you are runing correctly and default browser set to IE.In addition to above you have to make sure the add in manager is selected properly for the application.

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