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Create a query that displays the employees' last names and commision amounts.If an employee does not earn commmission, put "No Commission." Label the column COMM.

Asked by: zecar | Member Since Sep-2006 | Asked on: Sep 12th, 2006

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Answered On : Sep 18th, 2006

HI,To retrieve the last namesfor example if u have a table 'student' and field as 'name' like sri,ppp where sri is first name and ppp is last * from student where substr('name',instr('name',',',1,1)+1,length(name)) ='SRI';then u can get last names.if u have any doubt then feel free to ask

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Answered On : Sep 18th, 2006

with this u can do:select coalesce(comm,'no commission') "comm" from mm;It will replaces null values with 'no commission'.

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Rohan Deshpande

Answered On : Oct 13th, 2006

Query:- select last_ename,comm,nvl(to_char(comm),'no commission') comm from emp where comm is null;

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Select nvl(to_char(commision),'no commision') "COMM" from jemployee2;

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Answered On : Nov 7th, 2006

Hi,Suppose that you have a table EMP with the following structure.emp_id number(5)f_name varchar2(30)l_name varchar2(30)salary number(8,2)comm number(8,2) /* this column holds the commission values*/Now you can write your query as follows.SELECT l_name, nvl(comm,'No Commission') commission from EMP;The above query will give the desired output.

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Answered On : Jan 2nd, 2007

Check it out with this Query,select ename,decode(comm,NULL,'NO COMMISSION',comm,comm) from emp;

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Answered On : Dec 24th, 2007

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select ename, nvl2(to_char(comm), to_char(comm), 'NO COMMISION') from emp

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Answered On : Dec 29th, 2007

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Select  last_name "LAST NAME", nvl(comm,"NO COMMISSION") commission from employees;

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Answered On : Jan 3rd, 2008

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select last_name "Emp LastName", nvl(Comm,"No Comission") "COMM" from employee

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SELECT ename, nvl2(comm,to_char(comm),'no_commission') FROM employee;

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Answered On : Feb 22nd, 2010

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Select last name,decode(commision,0,'No Commision',commision) comm from employee

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