Explain how to test the online trading software? How can we get the Feed values? Where they will store? How we test the Personal Trading account because it is time constraint.

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We need to take care of all below things.

1. Need to check whether the amount exists in the account for the Quantity of
shares we are going to buy.

2. Need to select the exchange (NSE/BSE) for which we are going to buy a share

3. Need to check whether there is any offering quantity or not?

4. If offering quantity is there then user can place an order

5. Orders can be different types (Ex: Market Order and limit order)

     a.) Market order means: If we place an order for market
price, then it will execute for the price at that time.

     b.) Limit order means: If we place an order for a
particular price, then it will execute only if it reaches that price.

6. All these transactions and orders will be stored in the trading application
as well in the stock exchange.

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