What is a virtual object and how can we create one in QTP?

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  • Aug 19th, 2006

Sometimes QTP is not able to recognise advanced technology objets. To recognise this type of objects we can use Virtual Object concept in QTP.

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  • Aug 21st, 2006

I dont know QTP.But everyone are sking bout QTP these days.Can ny one tell me briefly bout tht?

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  • Aug 21st, 2006

QTP is Functionality Testing Tool Like WinRunner. If you have Knowledge on WinRunner you can learn QTP Very easily.

Why people are prefering QTP is it has Additional features when compared to WinRunner.

Some Disadvantages of Winrunner are it would not support's technologies like .NET,Oracle Applications..

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  • Aug 25th, 2006

when QTP can't able to identify the object in ur screen/window, then this is trhe best way to identify. here virtual Object Vizard can record the exact X,Y co-ordinates of an object in an appliaction/window. what QTP can do is it can directly identify the location where it exists.

Some times QTP can't identify Virtual Object then we can map them into Standard object, through Virtual object wizard.

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  • Aug 25th, 2006

QTP is a functional testing tool and is very flexible than winrunner and support many third party tools

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  • Aug 31st, 2006


QTP- Quick Test Pro,

Virtual Object --Tools--Virtual object s and map the object to get the properties .

You can also use Low level Recording for this



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  • Sep 26th, 2006

Your application may contain objects that behave like standard objects but are not recognized by QuickTest. You can define these objects as virtual objects and map them to standard classes, such as a button or a check box. QuickTest emulates the user's action on the virtual object during the run session. In the test results, the virtual object is displayed as though it is a standard class object.

For example, suppose you want to record a test on a Web page containing a bitmap that the user clicks. The bitmap contains several different hyperlink areas, and each area opens a different destination page. When you record a test, the Web site matches the coordinates of the click on the bitmap and opens the destination page.

To enable QuickTest to click at the required coordinates during a run session, you can define a virtual object for an area of the bitmap, which includes those coordinates, and map it to the button class. When you run a test, QuickTest clicks the bitmap in the area defined as a virtual object so that the Web site opens the correct destination page.

You define a virtual object using the Virtual Object Wizard (Tools > Virtual Objects > New Virtual Object). The wizard prompts you to select the standard object class to which you want to map the virtual object. You then mark the boundaries of the virtual object using a crosshairs pointer. Next, you select a test object as the parent of the virtual object. Finally, you specify a name and a collection for the virtual object. A virtual object collection is a group of virtual objects that is stored in the Virtual Object Manager under a descriptive name.


  • Oct 20th, 2006

Hi laxmi,

QTP is a automation testing tool.

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  • Apr 14th, 2007

Hai Lakshmi,
It is an automated tool provided by Mercury Intercative Inc., to overcome the Manual testing Problems, It is easy to learn
All the Best Lakshmi

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