What are the main status in test director and what is reject and refuse status

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  • Aug 23rd, 2006

The reject status is resolved Wontfix or resolved work's fine for me

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  • Aug 30th, 2006

The reject means that the developer has rejected the defect that has been given in TD, in such case the developer has to give a valid reason to have rejected the bug

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There are mainly 3 statuses. They are as follows:

Accept, Reject, Deffered.

When a developer accepts to fix the reported bug, then the developer changes the status of the bug, from Assigned to Accepted.

When a developer doesn't accept the bug, he gives the status Rejected. But the developer needs to give a valid reason to reject the bug.

When a developer and his superiors think that the bug cannot be fixed in this release(due to lack of time or required documentation) then the developer gives the Deffered status. The developer needs to specify when the bug will be fixed.

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  • Oct 16th, 2006

There r 4 statuses-

1. Assigned- when the bug is assigned to the developer

2. Rejected- when the bug is rejected to fix

3. Deffered- when the bug is postporn for its new version

4. Duplicate- when the exact meaning of bug is already there

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