How do we know how many lan cards we have in server?

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  • Aug 11th, 2006

Just Type in the following command at prompt#ifconfig -a.That shall give the LAN Cards as well as total Physical and Logical IP Addresses

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  • Aug 29th, 2006

If Lan cards  configured then only you can see using '#ifconfig -a 'command .If not already configured but attached to your server you can check those by using '#prtdiag'command

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Jerry Gallagher

  • Oct 3rd, 2006

I would recommend # prtdiag |grep net. It tells you where the nic is physically located as well as the interface class 1648 is bge 35 is ce, etc ...


  • Oct 4th, 2006

i have one more option, ifconfig -a will display no. of lan cards, but only after u configure ip addresses .... if u want to see the lan cards for new system .... cat /etc/path_to_instance |grep network

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  • Jun 15th, 2007

Use the command # ifconfig -a plumb

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Use the dladm command to find out the NIC cards present in the server ..

'dladm show-dev'
'dladm link-state'

Both this command will help you in find out the number of cards(NICs) present in your server and what are the status of each NIC card.

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  • Jan 14th, 2012

ifconfig -a will only show the plumbed interfaces

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Rajendra Jadhav

  • Jun 7th, 2012

We can use below commands also to check how many LAN cards:
kstat -c net | grep net
/usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag -v

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Sunil Kamba Vasu

  • Oct 29th, 2012

dladm show-dev
ifconfig -a (for configured LAN cards)

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irfan khan silicon

  • Apr 28th, 2014

dladm show -dev

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  • Dec 2nd, 2014

dladm show-link might work

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  • Feb 18th, 2015

#dladm show -dev

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  • Jun 21st, 2015

grep -i net /etc/path_to_inst
dsmg |grep -i net

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Philemon I Elaigwu

  • Jul 23rd, 2017

dladm Show-link for solaris 10
ifconfig -a should show you network setup

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