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What is the difference between multi programing operating system and multiprocessing operating system?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Aug 10th, 2006
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siddharth choudhary

Answered On : Aug 13th, 2006

A multi processing os supports multiple processes to run with the help of some scheduling alogorithm(round robin) its mean u can run multiple process at same time, there are two type of multi processing os 1) multiprocessing :- single Processor and multiple process2) symmetric multiprocessing :- multiple Processor and single processso a multiprogramming OS supports all features like 1) Multi tasking 2) Multi processing3} Multi threading( thread can also be considerd as a task)but if any of these feature is not supported by the os then that os cant be multiprogramming os

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Answered On : Oct 25th, 2006

what is multiprograming

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Answered On : Nov 24th, 2006

They are the same

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Jasvant Singh

Answered On : Jan 23rd, 2007

Multy programing operating system is same as Multi Tasking operating system. It can be running sigle processor machine.Multi Processing operating system is an operating system which is capable of running on multiple processor machine.

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Multi programming is a pseudo parallel programming ie) we can run programms sequentially but because of process speed it appears that all the programms are served at the same time but where as in multi process systems their are more than one process

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Multiprocessing-------------------- 2 or more processorsmultiprogramming-------------------usually one processor----------- this is based on the concept that while we perform the io process , the alu may "execute" some other pgm.s

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