How to solve the $ and * problem. if $=1,*=0value 1 doubles and shift to left place.t(for ex:4=$**,3=$$)even i dont know the quetion properly. but the samepattren question appeared in cts too.pls expLCM(9,18,27)=

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lcm of 9,18,27 is 54
that can be represented as 110110 in binary
that's $$*$$*

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  • Aug 30th, 2006

first u find lcm of no's given ,convert the result into binary no(/2) and then represent 1by$    and 0 by *

Ritiv Jain

  • Sep 7th, 2006

the question of this type is very common in accenture.

this is simply a binary to decimal conversion.

to solve this you just place 0 and 1. you get a binary number

decode it to decimal one.

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