How do we import testcases written in Excel to test director

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chandrkant shivankar

  • Jul 31st, 2006


use Mecury Interactive Microsoft Excel Add-in for importing test cases written in excel sheet.

It is available on Add-ins page.

Chandrakant Shivankar

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  • Aug 7th, 2006

Install Excel Addin

Select the rows in excel which you want to upload to TD

Then select export to TD option under tools menu

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Raghu Ram

  • Aug 17th, 2006

To  import any data from excel .u should install excel add in

click on add-in page--> More add-in below the page --> select excel add in--> save it--> install in TD directory

Any clarifications mail me on tamminas_ramu @

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  • Jun 14th, 2007

1) Once you login in to TD you will the following options on the top right
hand side of the screen, they are Back, Next, Tool, Help, Logout (in TD 9.0 i am
2) Select Help, then you will get various options from that select Add-ins page
3) Then you will get a new window with different Add-ins
4) Select the required add-in , it will automatically install in your system
4) Select an Exce or Word file then you fill find an option Export to Quality
5) Select required test cases and upload these by using Export to QC option.


  • Sep 27th, 2007

If you have one excel spreadsheet with multiple test cases, can you import all the test cases at once, and into different folder structure.

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