I need Latest GD topics asked in Patni company and i need latest technical & HR interview questions

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komal gadekar

  • Oct 6th, 2006

please give me the latest placement papers of patni and also gd topics and hr interview questions.

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  • Oct 6th, 2006


I m Final year Engineering student.Sir, i need the PATNI interview questions.

i above mention my e-mail id.

now i have alternate id:


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  • Oct 8th, 2006

Hi members, I am Aravindhan. I attended Patni off campus at St.Joseph on OCT 8th. I got through Written test and Group Discussion .. I like to share your experience.Written test no negative marking 70 mins with 60 qnsTypical Patni pattern.Verbal 15 qns ...It's dead easy...A few questions on filling prepositionsTwo Paragaraphs were given and 5 questions were asked on each.Analytical 15 qnsA little tough with paragraphs and questions on themSimilar to logical reasoning of TCS typeQuans 30 qnsMost of them were from Profit and LossGroup DiscussionTotally 8 panels with 10 to 12 persons in eachOur panel had 12. Topic was BPO. The moderator instructed to give genereal views on topic and asked us to give a very short introduction. He initiated each one of us from time to time encouraging us to talk.. being a very common topic we were able to share lot of ideas. The moderator was keenly watching us and asked to conclude individually.GD lasted for 30 minutes. Results were announced in the next half an hour and 7 got selected in our panel and roughly 80 of us cleared the GD round. They told the interview venue and timing will be informed by phone calls only.Waiting for the interview now..Note: They asked "What u know about Patni" even in GD's . So guys do visit the company's website before you go there....

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  • Oct 10th, 2006

hai, i attended patni written exam this sunday.(oct 8.2006).
it has got 60 questions. each carry one mark. no negative mark.
Test is dead easy.

first 15 questions contain basic english grammer

ex: i saw him ____ the airport.
a. at b.) on c.) in d)---

It's very easy to answer this section. Even a school kid will answer those things.
i can't remember all the questions. only few strikes in the mind and everything is more or less of the previous type.

for 11 to 15, they had given a passage and at the end they asked 5 questions.
the para is related to "Product data maintenance" . A firm involved in creating a software for analyzing and reporting the product data and supports decision making and they had given a list of products for various reasons like customer mgmt, invoice, reporting, etc.

one question is regarding which product is suitable for a particular situation.
A business is need of some request and which product will u make them to prefer.
it's really easy,u can find the answer directly in most case.

analytical and aptitude.

sorry once again. am not able to recollect the question they asked.
. questions about percentage.
like ram is geting salary of 20000 and tax is 14%. what is the net salary.

ratio & propositions:

A contains x & y in the ratio of 3:7 and b contains x & y in the ratio of 3:5.
They are mixed together with equal proposition. what's the ratio of new mixture.i think nerely 3-4 question is this type

1 litre milk cost 11 rupees. he bought some amount of milk and mixed 5 litres. and he sell it wth a profit of some%. find out amount of milks. 2-3 questions are this type.( mixing milk and water)

a person sell a product at 10% profit and anothe same product at 10% loss. What's the net profit orloss percentage. Refer r.s aggarvel book. it will be only loss for this type of problem.

a metal contain zinc and coper in the ratio 4:7 and another same metal contain in different ratio.(11:4).
whey they melted and formed a single metal, what will be their ratio.

one reasoning problem:

4 person watching a car race where 5 car race. the name of the car is their colors(white, blue,green, red, yellow).

each person state one statement. they asked who is in the first positon , who comes next to blue etc.
4 mark is for this question(totall 4 ques).

one question is of this type.
They had given 5 numbers like 0, 3, 4, 5,6.
They aked to find a number of two digit number from 10 to 100 that can be formed from these combinations.
(43,34,54,45,65.. etc.)

2 women started business with some money x & y(i forgot). one women is working partnen taking monthly600(ballpoint figure) and other women wont. at the end of the year they gained certain amount.
how they will share this money with themselves.

. certain amount will be given. after 25% increase, followed by 30%decrease and 25% increase. what will be the new amount.

a:b=3:5 b:c=5:6 and c:a=5:9 ( values are not correct)
asked to find out a:b:c
2 questions are from this type.

one problem is from error weight. a dishonest shopkeeper sells prd at a x rs(again sorry, i dont't know) per kg. but he uses a false weight 960 gram instead of 1 kg. thereby gained a certain percentage.

this too from rs aggarvel. it's easy to solve

formula is: (error/(totalvalue-error))*100%.

.one question is from allegation of mixture.
This is what am able to recollect.

look guys. patnis is having client from financial and insurance domain. I think that's why they are concentrating more on percentage and ratio mixture. so guys be prepared on these two topics then surely u can move to next round.

next round is GD.
some of topic given are:

joint family versus nuclear family.
Bpo in india.
pros and cons of educational systed in india.

ALL the Very best

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Chandni Kumar

  • Nov 14th, 2006

My topic was 'Should cola-cola be banned', also I was given a choice with another topic which was 'Is China market a threat to Indian market'.

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