How to browse Vsam files in ascending order and in descending order?

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  • Sep 9th, 2006

We have to access the VSAM file in sequential mode.Since VSAM files are arranged in key sequence of acesending order .declare the file as follows:For example in PL1:Declare the file name as follows.DCL vsamfile file input sequential env(vsam);To browse in ascending order :dcl Vsamfile file input sequential env(vsam) bkwd;jai

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  • Sep 11th, 2006

As a programmer, I always try not to use complicated logic. To answer your question:Ascending: Declare in COBOL as Access mode is sequential, then do a normal read.Descending:1. Repro file to a flat file2. Use utility sort with D (descending parameter) on the flat file.3. Use the flat file in your read.

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