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How to trace PL/SQL Package?
How to trace PL/SQL procedures?
How to trace SQL statement?
what is DBMS_TRACE? How to use?
If anyone tell me how we can use trace and create log that would be great?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Jul 21st, 2006
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Jian Zhang

Answered On : Oct 10th, 2006

When you want to see the execute plan of a SQL statement, you need to use TRACE function of Oracle.

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Answered On : Feb 22nd, 2007

DBMS_TRACE package can be used to keep track of the calls between the subprograms and trace of execution by sub-program, procedures, functions or an exception. It gives a large amount of trace data. To make this particular trace data more readable. TKPROF tool , is used to make the trace data in a report format. A typical session involves:Starting PL/SQL tracing in session (DBMS_TRACE.SET_PLSQL_TRACE). Running an application to be traced. Stopping PL/SQL tracing in session (DBMS_TRACE.CLEAR_PLSQL_TRACE).

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