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Explain briefly about, processor, assembler, compiler, loader, linker and the functions executed by them?

Processor:--A processor is the part a computer system that executes instructions .It is also called a CPU Assembler: -- An assembler is a program that takes basic computer instructions and converts them into a pattern of bits that the computer's processor can use to perform its basic operations. Some people call these instructions assembler language and others use the term assembly language. Compiler: --- A compiler is a special program that processes statements written in a particular programming language and turns them into machine language or "code" that a computer's processor uses. Typically, a programmer writes language statements in a language such as Pascal or C one line at a time using an editor. The file that is created contains what are called the source statements. The programmer then runs the appropriate language compiler, specifying the name of the file that contains the source statements. Loader:--In a computer operating system, a loader is a component that locates a given program (which can be an application or, in some cases, part of the operating system itself) in offline storage (such as a hard disk), loads it into main storage (in a personal computer, it's called random access memory), and gives that program control of the compute Linker: -- Linker performs the linking of libraries with the object code to make the object code into an executable machine code.
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Girish kolari

Answered On : Jul 22nd, 2005

Is there any deference between the out come of Assembler and Compilar .i e Is the resltent of this two are they same or not .

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Answered On : Dec 27th, 2005

Compiler transforms one form of representation into another form not necessarily into bit pattern(machine code)

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Answered On : Mar 16th, 2006

How assemblar & loader works for a program

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Answered On : Apr 18th, 2006

How does the cpu works

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Answered On : Aug 19th, 2008

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Processor is the one which executes the instructions.Compiler takes the source code and generates the assembly language code.Assembler takes the assembly language code and generates an object file.Linker links the various object files into one executable(usually), resolves references to external symbols, assigns final addresses to procedures/functions and revises code and data to reflect new addresses(relocation)Loader loads the executable for executionAshish

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aman singh

Answered On : Jun 10th, 2012

Assembler is a programming language which converts assembly language into machine language..and compiler is a language which convert high level language to machine language at once..whereas interpreter does that line by line

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