Does SQLClient and OLEdb class share the same functionality

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  • Jul 21st, 2006

No, each have its own functionality,

ex : for sql client , there is SqlConnection object

and for oledb client , there is OleDBConnection


  • Jul 31st, 2006

No they are entirely different. Each has its own functionality. With OLEDB we can connect to any Datasource while SqlClient can be used to connect to Sql Server Database Only.

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  • Sep 21st, 2006

Yes, functionality wise, both are *almost* same, however there object models differ. SQLClient class has XML capabilities which are a part of feature set of SQL Server.

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  • Jul 10th, 2008

sqldata provider is a native provider for the sqlserver developed by micrsoft, it contains all native drivers that gets connected to the sqlserver. Where as, oledbprovider is to make access to any database, so it performs some what less efiiciency then that of the sqlclient.
It's the best way of using native drivers provider, i.e sqlclient when using sqlserver and for any databases other then the sqlserver those don't have a dataprovider, it's better to use the oledbprovider.

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  • Jun 15th, 2010

1. It does not use translation layer. So providing high performance.
2. This is only to connect with SQL server.

1. We can connect with any database using OLEDB.
2. There is a translation layer and there are some overhead as it works for all the databases.
Functionality wise there is no difference.

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