Anitha got her salary n she spent half of it in shopping n gave 1rs to a beggar after that 1/2 of the remaining money she spends in a hotel n she gives rs2/- as a tip to waiter n then 1/2 of the remaining she spends again n she gives rs3/- as charity.... n after that finally she is left with rs1/- when she comes out. whats the money she actually had in her hand

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Divya Harnadh Babu Sanam

  • Jul 5th, 2006

1+3=4+4=8+2=10+10=20+1=21+21=42 so ans 42


  • Aug 11th, 2006

Let money in anitha's hand = x (say) After shopping = x/2 To begger = 1 After hotel = (x/2-1)/2 For tip = 2 After spending half of remaining = ((x/2-1)/2-2)/2 For charity = 3 Now she left with = 1 x/2+1+(x/2-1)/2+2+((x/2-1)/2-2)/2+3+1=x so x=42

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