How do you do the performance testing and explain the steps need follow?

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  • Aug 25th, 2006

1. Preparation of the Test scenario

2. Genarate a script based on the Test scenario

3. Prepare Test data for that scenario

4. Setup the test environment

5. Execution of the Script with diffrent load tests Like Scalability and stability

performance testing is more than 70% analysis.................So first define your goal, make your deadlines for performance, what your cutomer needs are, then do performance testing.Steps are already posted by other member, so follow them.

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  • Dec 27th, 2006

  1. Planning the test: It is important to prepare a test plan as it helps to focus on what we are testing. It also helps to know where we are headed for.
  2. Creating VUser scripts: According to the test plan and test requirements, Virtual Users are created. These Virtual Users act as the load in real time on the server. The number of Virtual Users depend on the Test plan and requirement. The VUser script contains the actions each VUser performs during the scenario execution. The tasks are:

        - Performed by VUser

       - Performed simultaneously by the VUser

       - Measured as transactions  

   3.   Create the Scenario:

A scenario describes the events hat occure during a client/server testing session. A scenario includes:

- A list of machines that host VUsers: For each Vuser, we create hosts machines configured to execute Vuser scripts

- A list of Vuser scripts that the vuser runs. For each scenario, we create list of Vuser Scripts during script execution.  

- A list of Vuser that run during the scenario

  4. Run the scenario

  5. Analyze the test results: These are done using graphs, charts etc...

I hope this helps

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  • Mar 12th, 2014


Follow the steps below :

1)Gathering Requirements
2)Preparing Test Plan
3)Generating Scripts using Protocol which is suitable/mentioned in the Requirements Document(NFRS)
4)Executing the Scripts
5)Monitoring (to resolve the bottlenecks) using websphere or weblogic Monitoring Tools
6)Collecting Results and Preparing Reports to Submit to the Client
7)Deploying the Product/Software

By following the above steps you can achieve a good Product/Software

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